Dotty the Clown

Gabriella Rivera is “Dotty the Clown”

Gabriella is a highly trained performer. She has spent seven years in Europe, three of which
were spent studying at the renowned Dimitri School in Switzerland.
She is back in SA!
Dotty has worked for many corporate events, as a clown, mime, face painter, balloon modeler and
stilt walker, as well as a puppeteer in various productions, two of which were performed at the
Out the Box Festival and Grahamstown 2005.
Dotty also entertains many children at their birthday parties, with her baby violin, games,
face painting and her ability to bring fun and laughter!

Dotty will make you laugh - a - LOT, activating your very own laughter button! She will bring joy,
Fantasy, and her special ability to connect deeply with children and adults alike. She is a special clown,
(Doctor, ballerina, opera singer, violinist, mad magical clown) that will whisk you away to the land where
your inner child and clown run free! She is guaranteed to bring life, fun and craziness to any situation!

Dotty's abilities include:

  • Clowning(straight, musical, juggling, Dr Clown)
  • Face painting
  • Balloon modeling
  • Stilt walking
  • Statue mime
  • Dotty is available for:

    • Birthday parties
    • Events (ANY event where you need entertainment for children)
    • Big Outdoor Events (where you may need stilt walkers, clowns etc.)
    • Walkabout clown in malls or promotions etc.


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